Davis-Marks offer bespoke recruitment services for wealth management roles. From IFA to private banking sector positions, we secure exceptional candidates tailored to your requirements.




Mark has extensive experience working across the EMEA regions placing candidates in financial services.

Alongside this he brings 14 years’ experience in procurement and supply chain within Oil and Gas, Construction and Engineering. 

During his career, Mark has managed orders of $100 million within the Oil and Gas sector on projects valued in the region of $7 billion

Having worked and lived in Europe and the Middle East, Mark has gained an immersive knowledge of business custom and culture in both areas. This has allowed him to capitalise on opportunities and place more candidates in these areas.

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Davis-Marks offers a bespoke recruitment service within the financial sector. Gaining strong results in this field, Davis-Marks offer extensive experience and deep industry knowledge placing candidates within all areas of the financial sector. 

We offer discreet and confidential services, giving organisations and candidates peace of mind throughout the process. We pride ourselves on the relationships we have built with major financial houses in the Middle East which we are now extending with new agreements in place in Asia and the UK.

Davis-Marks provide a service focused on headhunting and referral recruiting, rather than more traditional, and often expensive, job advertising methods. Using our expertise to provide the best quality candidates for the role, Davis-Marks will support you in harnessing the right talent to allow your organisation to grow and flourish.

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